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Below are comments from a few past clients.  Each case is different and proceeds on its own merits.  No comments here should in any way be construed as a commitment of a specific outcome.

"I was working in Myrtle Beach last April and celebrated the end of a 2 week project. I shouldn't have drove back to the hotel but it was only a mile or two were the cops. I ended up spending the night in jail and my good friend and customer came and got me out. I was horrified that this would result in me losing my job. He referred me to Mr. Filiberto and I am in debt to him forever. I am also awed by how Mr. Filiberto handled my case with expertise and swiftness. He accomplished everything he said he would and for an extremely reasonable fee. He constantly kept me up to date with what was transpiring in regards to my case and the outcome was beyond spectacular. I would recommend him for any attorney service. He is a brilliant man and can tell some great stories."

A.B. Evans, GA

Mr. Filiberto is not just a awesome lawyer but he is an awesome person. He really goes above and beyond to help. He has changed my life by the help he has given. I cannot explain how glad I am that I met him. I will never use another lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. He is honest but sensitive towards your situation, on the ball and greatly determined to have the best outcome, very intelligent and on the ball! Do yourself a favor and go with Filiberto!
B.R., Loris

I recently needed legal assistance this past year. When I was arrested for something that I felt strongly against I was referred to Lawrence Filiberto by a fellow employee. Mr. Filiberto showed up that evening to assure me that the situation would be handled to the best of his ability and also assured me of the terms of my release the next day along with further measures. I later met with him after my release at his office where he carefully listened and listed all of my options. He was very considerate and handled everything delicately to ensure my trust. He always, kept in touch throughout the whole process with any advances in the case, not once did I have to track him down nor continuously try to touch base and gain information. He was always open and willing to any questions or problems I had. Going through this and fighting against charges can be somewhat scary and very nerve racking, I'm so thankful I found someone so reliable, it automatically lifted a weight off of my shoulders just after our first meeting. Needless to say my Problems were solved and he did everything he stated and things worked out just as I had hoped. He went above and beyond to ensure his best effort was always put forward. Since then I've heard of many successful stories from those that I am acquainted with. I am so grateful that I found such a professional and highly respected person to represent me. I don't know what I would have done without him.
S.P. Myrtle Beach

I think that this man became a lawyer for some of the same reasons men become doctors the #1 reason being because he genuinely cares about people and wants to help them. I needed his help and he helped me. I never felt like he was too busy to take my call, answer my questions, or just listen to me. He handled my case with great care and made sure that it was made as easy as possible for me. There isn't enough that I could say to even describe how thankful I am to have had this man on my side at such a crappy time in my life. I'm grateful to have been pointed in his direction.
B.B. Myrtle Beach